UV Finish Fluid Elastik 1000ml

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UV FINISH FLUID ELASTIC, the gel of the top class! With the UV Finish Fluid Elastik you get a very high-quality and ultra-light High-gloss gel, which makes every nail model layer radiate. The luster fluid is applied directly to the nails from the glass brush bottle. thanks The gel can be applied like a conventional nail polish. With this gel they reach a high-gloss protection of the nails, since the gel before Yellowing. When curing, the gel does not burn. No sweat layer is formed, which must be removed. YOUR ADVANTAGES: Perfect application - easy application with the brush The UV Finish Fluid Elastic has a very nice Elastic film which does not break. No sweat layer - no cleaner is necessary Absolutely no burning during curing Cures under UV & LED light High wet luster effect Scratch-resistant and elastic

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