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Chrome effect Polish Our meticulousness for glamor and elegance is the first step for a new trend ... With a combination of striking colors and a chrome-based effect, your nails are the eye-catchers! This lacquer is easy to use even by amateurs due to its easy application and compatibility with natural, gel and acrylic nails. The Chrome Effect Polish is available in 10 different colors. Process: 1. Prepare the natural nail with a polishing file and apply the varnish on a smooth surface (IMPORTANT: no grooves!) 2. Allow the lacquer to cure under a UV lamp for 120 seconds 3. Use the Chrome Top Coat for a longer hold and more beautiful shine If you want to use the Chrome Effect Polish for an acrylic or gel nail, first build the nail. Then apply the chrome effect Polish and cure it. Finally, just strengthen the nail with gel or acrylic (harden again here!) To remove the varnish, use a conventional nail polish remover when building on a natural nail without gel or acrylic reinforcement. While acrylic nails can be soaked in our Acryllöser for a period of 2 minutes and can then be removed with a milling cutter, a simple milling cutter is sufficient for a gel reinforcement!

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